What If Time Moves In A Circle?

// Given at WI?02013 on Mar 2, 2013

To ask the question: What If Time Moved In A Circle? is to be incredibly deceptive. The idea of time - in pop culture - operating cyclically normally means that a series of events will continue. This thinks in too small of a scale; what if... the lifespan of the whole universe was a circle? How would this affect one's life? What would it mean for you - which means what will you make it mean for you - to live every moment an infinite number of times?

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Tyler William Haulotte


Tyler Haulotte is the spritely young man in charge of Philosophers' Corner you are likely to hear from across the hall talking about Nietzsche. While he's not doing Philosophers' Corner stuff, he's working in the writing lab, coaching a school in speech & debate down in his hometown, Austin, Texas, or doing homework, he loves getting into long discussions about some philosophical issue. Tyler (obviously) studies philosophy, but is also interested in a number of other areas, including English literature, critical security studies, gender studies, and he is particularly curious about subaltern studies.

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