Can you ask a question that will change the world?

If you want

to ask a thought and action-provoking question, to share a passion of yours, to inspire others to do what they thought was impossible, to participate in a TED-like conference, to show the world we can solve problems together, to bring different disciplines into the same room,

Then come ask with us. Everyone is welcome to apply.


We are looking for


What if the next generation could be more innovative then us? To get here we need you to come share your trials and tribulations of being a teacher or administrator and how you would fix what you feel is currently broken.


What if other start-ups and Entrepreneurs know now what you wish you knew then? Come tell your story and inspire like minded individuals to go after their dreams.


What if other people had one of your super powers? Come teach educators, entrepreneurs, start-ups and the like one skill that you think everyone should know.

Technical Bits

How long are the presentations?

No more then eight minutes. We keep them short and sweet so you focus on your message and our audience doesn't lose attention.

When is the Conference?

October 17-18, 02014 in Philadelphia, PA at the String Theory High School. Join us!

How many attendees will be there?

You'll be in front of 200+ attendees and an online audience.

What if I don't have everything thought out yet?

That's fine ... mostly. You at least need an idea of what you want to ask. We work with each presenter to help them tell the best story of their life. From the layout of your talk, to your presentation style, to refinement, to where else to look, we'll help you every step of the way.

Do I have to do research?

Yep, but it's easy for such curious people. We don't want people going on stage without really thinking about their question. Past presenters have gone out and talked to experts in the field (e.g. Shane Kincade talked to workers at the Calaway nuclear plant when he was finding out what would happen in an apocalyptic scenario).

Can I ask a question that has already been asked?

Yep. But, you have to innovate on it in some way.

Can I ask two+ questions?

Yes. Apply as many times as you want! Here's the rub: you can only get one presentation slot. But, installations are not in a presentation slot. For films and performances, it really depends on how many applicants we have and the final structure of the Conference. Also, coupled questions (presentation+installation) can work well.

Can I talk to you about my question?

Sure, but just apply already. You've read this far, so we know you're interested.

Wait... what is the What If...? Conference?

It's a series of 8 minute talks, put on by community members, students, faculty, and generally interesting people. It happens once a year. You might as well watch our video.