What If There Had Been No Religion?

// Given at WI?02013 on Mar 2, 2013

Historically, religion has been a tremendous force for good, and a terrible impetus for evil. Religion is a world-wide phenomenon that has stimulated good, healthy, moral behavior. And it is simultaneously a world-wide phenomenon that has promoted evil, unhealthy, immoral behavior. On balance, and ultimately, has religion been a \good"thing or a \""bad\"" thing? Would the world have been better-off without religion? Or would the world have been worse-off without religion? What if there had been no religion?"""

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Dr. Cliff Chalmers Cain

Jerusalem-Athens Straddler

Cliff Cain cannot decide whether he is a resident of Jerusalem as a person of faith or a resident of Athens as a person who thinks. So, he has dual citizenship and carries a passport that allows movement between the two areas. A university basketball player as a student, he was also an NCAA coach of the year when he was starting his professorial career. He also played in a symphony and a rock group to work his way through grad. school, but it was so long ago that he cannot remember whether he played first chair, second chair, or just set-up chairs. He still enjoys playing the trombone as a member of the Westminster College Pep Band. He is currently Harrod-C.S. Lewis Professor of Religious Studies at WC and went a long time to school to receive a doctorate in religion and a doctorate in science because of his intention of delaying getting a real job for as long as possible.

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