What If The Olympics Were Used As An Alternative To War?

// Given at WI?02013 on Mar 2, 2013

As a way to avoid collateral damage, minimize environmental impact, glorify human capacities besides violence, and, yes, boost the ratings of sports channels, I propose that we replace wars with the Olympics. What would it take? What would it look like? Is it already happening? Knowing nothing about either warfare or sports, I have no answers to offer. What I would like to do is ask a number of questions, to kick off a conversation that may, one day, lead to a better world.

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Dr. Selcen Phelps

Eternal Child

A career student, Dr Phelps has a BS in Business Administration, an MS and a PhD in Operations Research, and an MBA with a Management Information Systems (MIS) specialization. She dreams of returning to school one day to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in script writing, and makes do until then by teaching many subjects that did not exist when she was in school, and insisting that no MIS thesis student will graduate until s/he has taught Dr. Phelps a number of significant things she would not know otherwise.

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