What If More People Were Happy?

// Given at WI?02014 on Mar 22, 2014

Nancy loves learning and doing things. She never stays still and throws herself into projects that she loves. Along the way, she makes many friends that bring her even more energy. She loves people, a trait that has helped her develop great relationships with the students and families she works with. When she's not working on projects, she's probably doing crossfit or cuddling with her chihuahua.

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Nancy H. Tilton

Education Hacker

Nancy is the founder of The Mosaic School in Charlotte, NC. After six years of teaching in public and private schools, she decided to take time off teaching to learn everything she could about alternative schools. She thought about going to grad school, but figured she'd learn more starting her own school. It took her a year to create TMS, which now serves 15 children and provides Nancy with the most incredible hands-on learning that she could have ever asked for!

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