What If Westminster Were Suddenly Forced To Be Self-Sufficient?

// Given at WI?02013 on Mar 2, 2013

The world may be more peaceful than it has ever been, but it is still full of existential dangers, from nuclear warfare to climate change to antibiotic-resistant plagues. In the sorry event of catastrophe, how can a small midwestern liberal arts college cope? Will it vanish, crumble, survive, or even thrive? And how can we change our college so that it is better able to handle such events? In a scary but (hopefully) thought-provoking talk, Shane Kincaid will ask the question, what if Westminster College suddenly had to fend for itself?

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Shane Kincaid


Shane may not have all the answers, but he makes it his business to be interested in everything. A Philosophy and Religious Studies major here at Westminster, Shane enjoys reading, drawing, thinking, having intellectual discussions with friends, working on his classic car, and otherwise letting out his creative mojo. Of chief concern to Shane is that the human species have a better lot in life, and most everything he does is at least obliquely geared toward that end.

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