What If NYC Resources Were Brought to Rural America?

// Given at WI?02014 on Mar 22, 2014

What originally started as a forum for women who were active and passionate about technology and it's powers to change our lives, and the world, quickly became so much more. Since December 2011, NYTechWomen has been changing the environment for women in NYC, but it quickly became incredibly clear that the environment needed to change for women outside of NYC as well. For many mid-career women, technical literacy is not a given, but great minds are. What if city-based resources were taken to rural areas? Would women find a new self they never new existed? Would women open new doors they never thought possible? Would women transform from consumers to creators?

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Jennifer Shaw

Equal-Opportunity Geek

Jenn Shaw is Founder of NYTechWomen and Bella Minds and former Senior Data Analyst for comScore. Jennifer hales from rural Nebraska, and uses her All-American roots as fuel for empowering people to leverage technology and improve the state of STEM education and workforces in the US. Ms. Shaw quickly established NYTechWomen as the authority for women in tech in the NYC area. With Bella Minds, she is leading the way to educating rural areas of the US and tackling the urgent need of increased participation and attainment rates. Jennifer is a recognized innovator by several NYC-based ventures, and has spoken at TEDxHobokenWomen. Her mission remains focused in mentoring opportunities and empowering women who are serious about the technology sector.

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